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i got a new partner riding with me [entries|friends|calendar]

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[26 Sep 2012|03:30am]
I am staying up way too late being nostalgic again. I miss so many people. I'm sorry I am bad at keeping in touch.
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[24 Jan 2011|06:20pm]
i think this time it's for real. he's pretty perfect.
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losing track of time with you is the best race. [12 Oct 2010|10:51pm]
i'm not deluding myself, because it's only been a week and a few days. i can remember that much. not coincidentally, it feels like it's been much longer. i feel like maybe our energy is sometimes on the same wavelength. i've never felt this way about anyone... which is saying a good amount, because i'm always super jazzed about any boy i start dating. this... this is unreal. sometimes i don't know if i'm awake, or if this is happening at all. the worst part is that i'm not even exaggerating. i hope this phenomenon is not ephemeral. i'm not going to lie, this feeling is a good one. i just have to remember not to get lost in it this time. i can't lose my sense of self, or put everything else on hold. time is not forgiving of epic stories.
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[09 Sep 2010|03:02am]
dear journal,
no one reads you anymore. it's ok though, because i've not much that is interesting to tell you. i'll be having trouble sleeping again this semester. i miss my friends, and i feel like they've all moved away. on a positive note i am glad that i have sara in my life, and at least i know she won't leave me. i should be doing less of this and more reading/sleeping.
farewell for now.
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[20 Jul 2010|01:56am]
this life is tiring. it can only get better. right?.... right?.... RIGHT!?
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[26 Apr 2010|04:33am]
it's 4.20 am and i'm not awake on purpose. even though i never update this thing, i'm doing it twice in one day. i've lost a lot of weight and i don't/do like it, and it makes me sick. school is going to be stressful these next few weeks. he and i are doing this thing, but it's had some sad consequences, and nothing is forever. i'm just trying to live in the moment, which has always kind of been my policy. enjoy shit while you can because things will never be perfect, except maybe momentarily.

i still can't believe ben's gone, and i think about him a lot. i guess i have a somewhat better idea about who i am now that i'm a quarter century old and i'm all growed up... or something. either way, i always wonder what ben's input would be on most facets of my life. he would be the same age my friend mike is. i'm guessing they may have even crossed paths back in the day, and it's strange because i'm almost positive they would have gotten along. i'm pretty sure everyone everywhere is sick of me lamenting about my brother for the past 5 years, but he was just that awesome. this year was weird because suck day actually was a great day on account of myself, but the weeks leading up to it were hell. i'm going to sleep now and i hope almost everyone has forgotten about this journal because i like that idea. anyone who reads it doesn't play a big role in my life anymore anyhow, and that's ok.
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[26 Apr 2010|04:01am]
i feel a certain kind of awful.
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CT is a homie. [02 Mar 2010|03:37am]
run away, because i'm stuck.
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feel like crying, feel like dying [25 Jan 2010|10:48pm]
[ mood | high school ]

what to do
when all your friends
have become friends
without you
and don't need you

feel like whining.

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[12 Oct 2009|12:42pm]
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Still sleepy for another 6 minutes [08 Oct 2009|10:27am]

I want this to be more romantic and supportive. In general. I want a breath of fresh air. I actually would rather the ability to overcome this bottomless pit of loneliness.

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[03 Oct 2009|01:18pm]
i just can't quit it. this goes for a lot of things.
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[24 Aug 2009|08:20am]
everything seemed so great in prospect on saturday. now it's kind of all developing in shambles. half of the shit looks like it's gonna work, but i need the other shit to work as well. i want this fucking car. i want to be mobile again besides just downtown and trail rides. i just want one thing to fucking work. please come financial aid check.
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[12 Aug 2009|03:10pm]
seeing all of your things packed into boxes is just a horrible reminder that you need to unpack them a few days later. i HATE moving. school starts soon. it is nerve racking.
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[14 Jul 2009|09:43pm]

I wish we could have mutual feelings.

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[22 Jun 2009|12:11am]

I like a boy. I don't have time for a boy. Boy friends are better than boyfriends.

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Don't know, Don't go. [12 Apr 2009|09:48am]

How did things ever end up this way?

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[09 Apr 2009|03:08pm]
i give up on you.
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[02 Apr 2009|12:43pm]
saw the faint last night. i'm so full of mai fun from asian kitchen. arggggg i could keel over at any moment. i miss you.
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officially [05 Mar 2009|02:59pm]
i have 4 days under my belt since this year's suck day. I MISS MY FUCKING BROTHER.
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