Jessyka (nostrength) wrote,

losing track of time with you is the best race.

i'm not deluding myself, because it's only been a week and a few days. i can remember that much. not coincidentally, it feels like it's been much longer. i feel like maybe our energy is sometimes on the same wavelength. i've never felt this way about anyone... which is saying a good amount, because i'm always super jazzed about any boy i start dating. this... this is unreal. sometimes i don't know if i'm awake, or if this is happening at all. the worst part is that i'm not even exaggerating. i hope this phenomenon is not ephemeral. i'm not going to lie, this feeling is a good one. i just have to remember not to get lost in it this time. i can't lose my sense of self, or put everything else on hold. time is not forgiving of epic stories.
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